When it comes to beautiful bouquets and flower delivery in Coogee Western Australia, the only option is a local florist in Coogee. No matter the occasion – a wedding, a birth, a graduation – each milestone in life can be improved upon by the floral arrangements and gift packages put together with the care and experience of their designers. Check for more floral services on their webpage at http://www.spearwoodflorist.com.au/blog/2013/10/29/occasions-to-send-flowers-to-someone-in-coogee/. Backed by years of training and experience, the designers do an excellent job of creating just the right arrangement for each occasion.

flower bouquet

Their florists know that even if your occasion isn’t local, it is still just as special, they will do just as good a job for you beyond Coogee. Even if you need flowers delivered in Sydney, you can trust that our delivery service across the country will be as spectacular as the flower delivery in Coogee located within the City of Cockburn.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

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The only problem with our bouquets and flower arrangements is that their designers don’t come with them. There is no one with a green thumb to care for your cut flowers once they arrive at your house. No one to make sure they last more than a week, instead of just a few days.   There are some basic rules for all flowers, but there are also some little known secrets for certain species of flowers that will help them decorate your home as long as they can. Always use the flower food solution that the Coogee florist send along with instructions on how to care for your flowers, but in the end it is often difficult to maintain and preserve every flower delivery in Coogee so that it looks as good as it did the day it arrived.

The 3 Rules to Keep Every Flower Fresh

There are three things that every flower needs to live as long as possible and to look as beautiful as it can.

  1. Flowers need fresh water to stay alive – Be sure to change the water every day, and cut the stems on an angle with a sharp knife to allow more moisture to be absorbed.
  2. Flowers need food to stay alive – Feel free to add a tablespoon of sugar to the water after the flower food solution has run out. Flowers need sucrose to live and without their leaves to produce it through photosynthesis will die sooner.
  3. Flowers need to be clean and free of bacteria to stay alive – Make sure all dead flowers and leaves below the waterline are removed so their bacteria doesn’t affect the live flowers. Also add an anti-bacterial such as bleach, vinegar, or even a crushed aspirin to keep the bacteria at bay.

Rules to Keep Specific Flowers Fresh

Some flowers have specific structures that require special handling if you want to keep them fresh.

  • Hydrangeas last longer if you gently smash the stems at the end and immerse them in ice water before putting them in a vase.
  • Hollow-stemmed flowers, like delphiniums, should be turned upside down and the stems filled with water. Sealing the stems with a wet ball of cotton wool will keep them fresh in the vase.
  • Poppies should have the bottom 5 cm of their stems dipped in boiling water for 10 seconds. This works well for all flowers that ooze sap.
  • Always leave thorns on rose stems, because they help the flower absorb water. Removing the thorns can make the leaves turn brown and the stem give off a bad odour.

Now that you know how to care for your flowers, you can keep them fresh and healthy longer. You may not even need a special occasion to ring a Coogee florist for a flower delivery in Coogee WA 6166 or anywhere in Australia.


I’m usually bad at remembering important dates and my secretary always has to remind me about picking up flowers or gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. However, this year I wanted to surprise her and send anniversary flowers to Applecross for her anniversary, so I made a special effort to remember the date and even put it on my cell phone to alert me. My secretary would be celebrating her first wedding anniversary and I wanted her to know about valuable her services are to me.

Convenient Same Day Delivery

I didn’t want her to be tipped off, so I used an online site to order the flowers instead of the regular florist we use. I had gone online a few nights before and looked at all the choices I had from online florists and wasn’t all the impressed. Then I found this site http://www.spearwoodflorist.com.au/applecross/ and I really liked what I saw. They had a wonderful selection and, best of all, they offer same day delivery when the orders are placed by 2 pm Monday to Friday and by noon on Saturdays.

Flowers that are Fresh and Beautiful

I waited until the day before her anniversary to order her flowers and have them delivered that day. I was a little sceptical about the same day delivery, but I took the chance anyway. I had given my secretary the day off for her anniversary as a gift from me. She was a great assistant and was only too glad to give her the time away from work. I was relieved when I saw the anniversary flower delivery in Applecross arrive that afternoon. The flowers looked as fresh and beautiful as they did online and I could tell my secretary was pleased by the gift as well.

Save Money on Delivery

I was surprised that I could get the flowers delivered at no charge. Usually a flower delivery is charged and when it is done the same day, there may be an extra surcharge. However, this site offered free delivery on all orders placed online. I was impressed with that and knew that we could use them in the future whenever the company wanted to send flowers or a gift basket to employees or clients. The flowers were beautiful and the vase they came with was beautiful as well. My secretary thanked me and took them home for her anniversary. Great job!

Many people often confuse funeral flowers with sympathy flowers. It is also true that many don’t know that there is even a difference between the two, but there is. Funeral flowers are in essence a tribute to the deceased. These kinds of flowers are a way of showing and paying your final respects to the dead. You will often see these flowers at the graveside, on the casket or at the funeral home. Sympathy flowers are sent to the bereaved family to convey condolences and cheer them up during the grieving process. They can be sent to either the home or office of the bereaved family. One of the major differences between these flowers is that while you can send sympathy flowers to the home of the bereaved family, you should never send funeral flowers to the home. This funeral etiquette should never be disregarded.

Back in ancient days, flowers played a pivotal role in funeral ceremonies, as sweetly fragranced flowers were used to keep down the unpleasant odour of the deceased during the ceremony. While they are not used for that purpose anymore, they still play an important role. If you are unsure of the type of flowers you should select to show your final respects to the deceased, or the ones to convey your condolences to the bereaved family, here is a guide to help with your decision.

Types of Funeral Flowers

Wreaths are synonymous with funerals and are the most popular funeral flowers. Wreaths are typically shaped in a circle; however, it is not uncommon to find wreaths in other shapes such as heart as well as wreaths with the words, Mum and Dad. Some of the flowers that are featured in wreaths include carnations, iris, roses and chrysanthemums.

Funeral Baskets

Funeral baskets are available in range of sizes and colours. This type of flower arrangement is very convenient, especially if you plan on carrying flowers to the gravesite. It can also be used If the deceased is being cremated. Orchids, roses and chrysanthemums are usually featured in funeral baskets.

Funeral Crosses

It is common to see a funeral cross at Christian funeral ceremonies. Funeral crosses express very strong sentiments and are the main tributes used at funerals. These tributes are available in different shapes, sizes and a variety of colours.

Sympathy Flowers

If you are not related to Shakespeare, it can be quite hard to find the right words to say, especially to a person who has lost someone dear to them. In this case, your best option is to send sympathy flowers. You can send sympathy flowers to the home of the bereaved family but ensure that the arrangements are in a self contained water vessel. Flower arrangements in a self contained water vessel are easier to maintain and it will be one less thing for the family to worry about during this very stressful period. Also, if the deceased family member is a colleague, you can arrange to have the sympathy flowers delivered to the work place.

You can send sympathy flowers at anytime but you should aim to send them to the bereaved family as soon as you learn of death of their loved one. However, if somehow you learned of the death after the funeral, sympathy flowers can still be sent.

Sending funeral flowers is a wonderful gesture, but you must be mindful not to send them, especially if the bereaved family are Jews. Due to their customs, they would much rather food or fruit baskets.

Confusion often reigns when it comes to sympathy and funeral flowers. Many think that funeral and sympathy funerals are one and the same but they are not. You can use the guide above to avoid purchasing the wrong flowers when trying to convey your sympathies to a bereaved family, or to pay your last respects to the deceased.

Posted by John E, a writer who used Spearwood Florist for providing funeral tributes for his dad’s funeral. He was satisfied by the quality, the service and the help offered in choosing the right funeral flowers by this experienced funeral florist.

Whether you are marking a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, or simply sending flowers to someone to let them know you care about them, flower delivery in Murdoch is easy to accomplish when you order with an online Murdoch florist. This company delivers flowers in Murdoch, St John Of God Murdoch Hospital, Fiona Stanley Hospital and the surrounding communities.

Flowers for Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion is, you can find flowers to send to commemorate the day or to pay tribute to a friend or a loved one for their funeral or their memorial service. Murdoch florist can help you celebrate the birth of a new baby by sending Mum a lovely flower bouquet, along with a teddy bear for the baby, or send flowers to your spouse to congratulate them on a big job promotion.

Rather than send flowers to the funeral home, you can order sympathy flowers to the family’s home to let them know how much they mean to you and that you are thinking of them in their time of need. Almost every occasion calls for flowers and ordering them is easier than ever.

Why Order with a trusted Murdoch Florist?

Murdoch florist makes it easy to send flowers to someone in Perth and the surrounding areas, including Murdoch. You can either call directly or have an arrangement sent to your friend or loved one or you can order online, which makes it even easier for you. You don’t have to worry about a busy telephone when you call and you can view all the arrangements to pick one out that you like.

The website never closes, so you can place your order at any time. If you get your order in early enough you can have it delivered that very same day, which is virtually unheard of for most florists. Also, when you send flowers to Murdoch, you can have them personalized, with your loved one’s name or to tell them you love them. It helps give your flowers an extra special touch.

Same Day Flower Delivery in Murdoch

There is nothing worse than forgetting an important date and if you’ve forgotten an anniversary or birthday, you won’t have to worry about being relegated to the dog house if you order before 2:00 p.m. local time. Your order will be delivered that same day, making it look like you remembered the important date after all and helping you save face with your spouse or friends.

The same day delivery service is available Monday through Saturday, so if you’ve just learned about a friend being in the hospital or the death of a loved one in Murdoch, you can send get well wishes or sympathy flowers that same day, as long as the order is placed by 2 p.m. While it is better to get your flower order in prior to important dates like Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, as long as you get your order in on time, it will be delivered that very same day.

More than Just Flowers – Gift baskets, Gourmet Baskets and Hampers

Murdoch florist doesn’t just offer flowers; Murdoch delivery of a variety of gift baskets is available as well. Since many men would be embarrassed to get a bouquet of flowers, send him a healthy selection of fruits to eat or a wine and cheese basket that he can enjoy with his family or his co-workers. A wine and fruit gift basket would be a great gift for honeymooners as well.

If you’ve recently had a baby born into your family or if you know someone who is expecting, send them a baby hamper full of items that Mum and Dad can use for their new arrival. You can have the hamper personalized with the baby’s name as well. If you are unsure whether your friend is having a boy or girl, send Mom a congratulatory bouquet of flowers, along with a teddy bear for the baby.

Fruit baskets and gourmet food baskets make good gifts for clients or business associates coming in town for presentations or you can sent them to their business so they will remember your company whenever they need to place another order. You can also order a food basket for a co-worker to thank them for their help on a special project.


When most people buy flowers it is for a special occasion or event, or often even as a form of apology, but in all of these different situations it is sometimes true that we don’t put as much thought into our purchases as we probably could. Many of us are happy to stick with simple associations, like a dozen roses to say we love somebody, or a colourful bouquet to congratulate a person or wish them well. These aren’t bad choices, but there are more options out there which might let you exercise a little more creativity. There are also lots of flower arrangements and bouquets on Spearwood Florist blog at this web address: http://www.spearwoodflorist.com.au/blog/

 centrepiece arrangement

Below I will be looking at several different types of flower designs, each of which can really change the game when you set out to customize an arrangement. Every one of these different flower designs has its place, and most of them can be used in a wide variety of unique ways, so I will also be highlighting some of the important things to keep in mind with each specific design.

The Bouquet

Flower bouquet

Flower bouquet

This is one of the most popular options out there, because they tend to be very cheap and easy to pick out and purchase for somebody you want to show love and affection to. However, it can just as often be one of the least creative purchases we make, because a lot of people enter into decisions on bouquets very hastily or without even thinking about arrangements beyond what looks best on first glance at a florist.

Since bouquets are truly a fit for any occasion, try to think of the individual flowers in your arrangement when you are coming up with different flower designs. Choose colours you know suit the person you will be giving them to, and if you have the time to look up the meanings associated with each of those flowers you can really put together something thoughtful.

Basket Arrangements

Basket arrangement

Basket arrangement

When you buy a basket arrangement you are giving a more casual gift, which is perfect for a person’s home. While you may still want to consider the meaning behind the flowers in your arrangement, this really isn’t as important here, and your design focus is going to be almost entirely on style and colour.

It is particularly important here that you make sure these flowers go with the home decor of the recipient. While bouquets are meant to sort of stand out in a vase, basket arrangements can be used to bring a room together, serving as a casual centrepiece to an area like a living room or dining room.

Dish Gardens

Dish Gardens

Dish Gardens

These are very similar to basket arrangements, and they will fill the same role, but there are a couple of important differences which make dish gardens an even better choice in some cases.

The idea here is to put the focus more on green plants than flowers, providing life and freshness to a room without overwhelming a space with colour. These types of arrangements are generally best suited for rustic or minimalistic home decor, where the aesthetic is more about lines, light, and the natural grain and texture in things like wood flooring, as opposed to bold colours, shapes and patterns.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket

Hanging basket

The great thing about hanging baskets is that they give you a multitude of options for display which might not always be possible with different flower designs, and in some cases it may be that a person doesn’t have room in their home to make space for plants and flowers without this versatile opportunity.

They are great both indoors and outdoors, and can be hung in a wide variety of locations. Outside of the home they are wonderful when hung near a doorway or a staircase, creating a welcoming and very warm entrance. Indoors they are often hung near corners or windows from hooks which screw into the ceiling, adding life and colour in areas where these things might be lacking.




The corsage is a great addition to any formal attire for women, and is typically associated with romantic events and occasions, dates and anniversaries. More often than not it is the man who picks out the corsage for his date, giving it to her when he picks her up for the evening.

For some guys it might be hard to choose a good corsage, especially when one doesn’t know what their date will be wearing that night. Still, there are certainly safe bets which will go with most dresses and looks, and colours like red or purple are quite successful in these cases. It’s not such a bad idea to plan and coordinate these things either, so perhaps getting the input of one’s date in advance of selecting a corsage would be a good idea– unless it’s important to surprise her.




This is essentially the male equivalent of the corsage, worn along with formal attire for special occasions and strongly associated with love and romance. Though, a boutonniere can be worn to almost any formal event, to really stand out and look like a person who knows what he is doing.

When worn on a date it is a very good idea to match a boutonniere with the corresponding corsage, bringing the two people together. This tends to be very easy to do when the man is purchasing both items anyhow. Worn to other formal events, use this as an opportunity to add a dash of colour, and don’t be shy about it.

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